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BBNAIJA Under The Duvet Love Scenes: Khafi and Gedoni, Mercy and Ike, Vs Esther and Frodd

Published on 23 Aug 2019 / In Live Shows

Which of these Big Brother Naija couples are your favourites ?

Someone said "The only problem I have with Khafi and Gedoni is the fact that the lights were still on..they are both adults and can do whatever they want but not when the lights are on and everyone can see them ..and why are people slut shaming Khafi? Especially women ? That’s wrong #BBNaija"

What's your opinion?

Below are some funny comments from Twitter.

Esther and Frodd reacts to Khafi and Gedoni sex, her facial expression was something else #BBNaija2019

Esther and Frodd enjoy premium entertainment from Khafi and Gedoni.

Khafi and Gedoni should try to respect other housemates when they start having sex openly. The lights are still on for f*^ks sake!!! Even Esther and Frodd are watching and yet... what kind of horny could they be to be this shameless? I'm tired!!! #BBNajia2019 #bbnaija

Khafi and Gedoni went under the sheets again while Esther and Frodd were watching with lights on.

Khadoni really need to stop ‘tormenting’ other housemates. Have your sex when lights off.

Meanwhile, that look on Esther’s face

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