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Incredible Passive Income Opportunities & Ideas with Cryptocurrency 2018

Published on 11 Aug 2019 / In Business

Cryptocurrencies are enabling a new and incredibly exciting way to earn passive income, and the opportunities are now.

By using something called PoS consensus, or 'Proof of Stake', holders of a particular cryptocurrency may be entitled to dividends in the form of either that cryptocurrency itself, or a branch of it. These passive income opportunities are a revolution and in 2018 are presenting some amazing passive income opportunities.

These dividends, or cryptocurrencies, can be sold on an exchange for fiat currency, or even sold for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. There is also a new and emerging class of cryptocurrencies called security tokens, that distribute revenue from a company based on quarterly earnings.

In all examples, the process is nearly fully automated, and also occurs on the blockchain so its verifiable, and immutable. These cryptocurrencies are enabling a whole new kind of economy, one in which income can be earned by simply holding a cryptocurrency.

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